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Garage Shelving Storage Options

You’ve probably seen garage shelving units in big-box home good stores. While these can suit a purpose, if you are looking for a customized garage storage system, they are not the way to go. Instead of depending on cookie-cutter garage shelves, why not trust Garage Solutions to build you custom shelving to meet your family’s needs?

Whether you prefer shelves that are behind closed doors, or those that attach to our gridwall or slatwall racks, we’ve got a storage solution that will appeal to you. Imagine your gardening supplies lined up neatly on your wall, or your cleaning fluids stored away where your children can’t access them. Best of all, you’ll know exactly where everything is, and can reach your needed items with ease.

Unlimited Storage Potential Could Be Yours

Because our shelving units are customizable and changeable, your storage potential will grow exponentially. When you gain more tools, sport equipment, pieces of hardware, or gardening supplies, simply reconfigure your shelves in order to make room. It’s easy, convenient, and can save you money over the long haul, because you won’t have to buy more storage supplies.

Garage Solutions would love the opportunity to discuss our shelving options with you. Give us a call to set up your cost- and obligation-free consultation today!

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